Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The End of the Rainbow

With my head down and ego bruised I finally made my way to the doctor yesterday.  Looks like I’ll be taking 3-4 more weeks off from running while my foot heals up from this Jones fracture. Bleh… BM run for this guy in 2013, maybe I’ll shoot for it in 2014. At this point it seems a little like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…..I can see it but I’m never actually getting closer to getting to it.
Lessons probably not learned (once again)…..
I should have gone to the Dr 4 weeks ago when I first felt a minor amount of pain; I Really should have gone after TRT when it hurt to run the next day, I REALLY should have gone last Wednesday when I fell after my first step out of bed. Stubborn much?

I probably should not have run so much for 8 weeks with a filled pack, 1 day a week probably would have sufficed not every run, or I should have ramped up to the full weight slower, maybe over 6 months.

So with that, I’m no longer sure what 2013 has for me in running. The wise move is switch to shorter stuff once I’m healed, we’ll see if I’m wise.