Thursday, March 6, 2014

Way Too Cool 50k Tips

I've broken down the WTC course for some athletes and thought I'd share them here.

Miles 1-8 (Single Track)
It's going to be a conga line like you have never experienced (1200+ people). After the first 3/4th of a mile a bottleneck will happen. It will be single file on rolling hills for 6 miles. You won't be able to run the pace you want, take that time (approximately 1-2 hours depending on pace) to fuel and hydrate (drink often and eat at least twice, 100 calories or more before mile 6). Get on top of it early, front load it, because later in the day when it gets hot you will likely underestimate the needs of your body. Temps are to be roughly 68 degrees, a bit a of wind and clear. This is a humid 68 not a Reno 68, drink often!!!!!

Miles 8-11 (The Downhill)
This is a big downhill (1,000 foot drop in 2.5 miles). Don't burn yourself out on this. This will be the first time you get to run free (fire road not single track) and you are going to want to let it loose. Be patient, the race will come to you much later. Do not run more than 1 minute a mile faster than you would on the flats. That will seem slow, but unless you have aggressively trained downhills it is where you need to be.

Miles 11-16 (Quarry Road)
There are a couple of tricky hills that last less than a minute in this section. If you have a walk/run strategy use it on every hill. If you are a sub 5 hour 50k runner you probably should be running these, however, don't go into any lactate threshold type efforts. If you feel the burn start, slow down and walk for a couple steps. It will pay off big time later.

Miles 16-21 (The Climb)
Buckle down, this is a 1,000 foot climb in 7 miles (make sure to eat once, twice if you can). This is when you will start to feel like it is getting hot. It is not all climbing, rather it comes in waves. You need to get to the ALT (Auburn Lake Trails) aid station before you start accessing your time/finish goals.

Miles 21-25.5 (Drag Strip)
This section is where you will start separating yourself from the masses. Its a sharp DH followed by some flat and another sharp DH. It is very easy to over run this section. You are going to feel great because to the difference in elevation, stay true to your plan. Do not start thinking "this is the day the rules do not apply to me!" Use the flats to eat and drink. You'll hit Goat Hill at the end of this section and any over exuberance will be on full display at the top of it.

Miles 25.5-29.5 (Roller Coaster)
Up, Down, Up! This is where your training and patience will pay off. If you can run here, you are going to make up a ton of time. Stick to your strategy on the uphills and do not kill the downhills too much. You will hit Hwy 49 at the end, get into the aid station, and out quickly. .

Miles 29.5 to the Finish (31.2)
This climb will be tough, try to visualize a climb in Reno you have done numerous times. This will make it easier. You will get to the top and start to hear the announcer, that means .75 left. Give all you have at that point.

Go straight to the food, you will be under nourished and if you stop to talk to friends it will be a half hour before you get anything into your body. Go get that cupcake, pizza or soup that this race is known for then come back and talk to friends and family...better yet have them come with you and purchase anything they can it all goes to a good cause! A, 3 to 1 carb to protein ratio is ideal, but realistically shove whatever you can in your mouth!

Can't wait for the 2014 season to start, hope to see you at Cool!